A Champagne Christmas Affair 2009: Photos Available

Mon, 14 Dec 09

Thank you to all ladies and gentleman who attended the Champagne Christmas Affair 2009 at Allisee Apartments, Paradise Point. We would like to thank the following local businesses for their kind donation towards the day:

(1) Allisee Apartments;
(2) The Hollywell Fire Station;
(3) Champs Elysse Hair Salon, Sovereign Island ($200 Gift Voucher);
(4) Michelle Lee Designs, Gold Coast ($100 Gift Voucher & Kaftan);
(4) Points Boutique, Paradise Point;($250 Handbag)
(5) Glamour Eyes, Paradsie Point (2 x $100 Gift Vouchers);
(6) Poppy Cat Catamaran Cruises ($100 Gift Voucher);
(6)Gordoni's Restaurant, Paradise Point ($100 Gift Voucher);
(7) Darcy's Restarurant, Ephraim Island ($50 Gift Voucher);
Carmody's Grill at the Southport Sharks AFL Club ($50 Gift Voucher);
(8) La Piazza "Clipper Club" ($50 Voucher);
(9) GO Flowers, Runaway Bay Village ($30 Voucher);
(10) Mano's Restaurant, Ross Evans Garden Centre ($30 Voucher);
(11) Paradise Point Butchery & Seafood ($25 Gift Voucher);
(12) Vintage Cellars, Paradise Point (Champagne);
(13) The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre (Aqua Aerobics & Deep Water Running 10 Pass);
(14) QWEP 10 Pass;

Finally, thank you to all QWEP participants who contributed gifts towards the hamper.

We hope you enjoyed the evening, and continue to enjoy the photos.

Merry Christmas!

Julia & Sarah

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